Our Firm
The geotechnical consulting team at STS Geotechnics has extensive experience in all aspects of geotechnical investigations and site assessments. We understand that in today’s competitive landscape, delivering outstanding efficient results requires more than just standard services – it requires, a relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.

Our Services
Our multidisciplinary team provides the following professional services:
1. Geotechnical Drilling and Investigation: Utilizing cutting-edge drilling equipment and an experienced team, we delve deep into soil behaviors and site characteristics, equipping you with the insights necessary for strategic decision-making. Our geotechnical investigation adheres to the standards set forth by Australian Standards AS 1726, ensuring industry standards.
2. Geotechnical Site Classification: Our refined methodologies ensure that site classification as per Australian standards AS 2870.
3. Interpretative Reports for Sydney Water Approvals (SEA): STS is accredited as a G3/G4 Designer and Verifier for Sydney Water projects – the highest category of competency in the Sydney Water System. We ensure that our interpretative reports meet the highest standards of technical quality and regulatory compliance.
4. Numerical Analysis: Our capabilities extend to Finite Element Analysis for Impact Assessment, catering to Sydney Water, RMS, and TfNSW projects. This advanced approach provides a comprehensive understanding of potential impacts and solutions.
5. Geotechnical Monitoring as per TfNSW Standards: Comprehensive monitoring services now include long-term stability slope/excavation monitoring using inclinometers. This comprehensive approach ensures a detailed monitoring program is implemented to measure performance and minimize risks and to satisfy the requirements.
6. Groundwater Assessment and Seepage Analysis: Our groundwater services have been extended to include long-term monitoring strategies, data analysis through data loggers, comprehensive pumping tests, and advanced seepage modelling.
7. Geotechnical Design Compliance Declaration and Specialized Advice Reports: Leverage the insights of our qualified Professional Engineers and Registered Design Practitioners, ensuring your projects align with the Design & Building Practitioners Act & Regulation.

In-House Laboratory and Field-Testing Services:
STS Geotechnics takes the extra step with our in-house NATA-accredited laboratory, offering a wide range of soil testing services as per Australian standard AS 1289. We provide common tests and specialize in unique tests including Rock UCS, MDD/OMC, Large and Small Shear Box, and Plate Load Testing.

We also extend our services to field testing, offering Level 1 & Level 2 Compaction Control as per Australian standard AS 3798. This comprehensive approach ensures that your projects are backed by accurate data and expert analysis.

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