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STS environmental team consists of qualified and experienced engineers and scientist to undertake work covering all aspects of contaminated land assessment and remediation, including the assessment of land salinity and acid sulfate soil. We take time to listen to our clients and are committed to assisting them through the provision of high quality and cost-effective consulting advice.

STS environmental consulting business covers a diversity of projects both within NSW and in other Australian States for sites ranging from small residential allotments to large urban subdivisions and industrial estate. Regardless of the project scale, our clients receive the same high quality of service.

Our Services

Our multidisciplinary team provides the following professional services:

Contamination Assessment

We undertake preliminary and detailed site investigations (phase 1 and phase 2 assessments) on a regular basis, comprising site inspections, land use history reviews and soil, groundwater and soil gas sampling programs. The assessment process is designed to determine if land is affected by chemical contamination and to quantify the risks that contamination may present to human-health and the environment. As part of the assessment process we also assess underground petroleum storage systems (UPSSs) with regard to their compliance with regulatory requirements.

Due Diligence

Properties that are affected by land contamination can present significant liabilities to a purchaser. We specialize in the undertaking of contamination assessments for property acquisition due diligence, assisting clients with their commercial risk management. Our strategic advice on land contamination issues and associated rectification costs provides clients with powerful knowledge and a position of strength at the negotiation table.

Remediation System Design and Implementation

Where land is found to be affected by contamination issues, rectification works may be required to remove or manage the contamination-related risks. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of remediation systems for a range of chemical contaminants in soil, groundwater and soil gas media. Our projects have ranged from small capping and containment strategies to highly engineered systems designed which destroy or immobilize chemical contaminants. We also prepare Remedial Action Plans which document the proposed approach to remediation programs.

Post Remediation Site Validation

Following the remediation of land contamination, we frequently assist clients with validation programs to confirm the effectiveness and success of remedial works. This generally involves soil, groundwater and soil gas sampling. We also prepare Environmental Management Plans which outline the strategies for ongoing environmental monitoring that may be required post remediation.

Soil Sampling and Waste Classification Program (including VENM and ENM)

Where surplus soil is generated as a result of development or remediation projects, the material must be sampled and analyzed to determine its fate. We frequently assist clients with sampling programs to classify soil for landfill disposal purposes and also to determine if soil material is suitable for beneficial reuse as clean fill. Our expertise in this area enables clients to minimize the costs associated with soil disposal.

Land Salinity and Acid Sulfate Soil Assessments

The development of land which may be affected by salinity or acid sulfate soils can present challenges. We are experienced in the undertaking of land salinity and acid sulfate soil (ASS) assessments, and where salinity or ASS issues are identified we assist our clients in the development of management plans and strategies which minimize or negate adverse impacts to built structures and the environment.


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